South Kent School Ice Arena

The Admiral James and Sybil Stockdale Arena

H&Y Construction, INC. offered the South Kent School our consulting services to bring their proposed ice arena to the starting line. During the process several issues were discovered that would likely derail the project. The first issue we were faced with was an estimated cost of $7 million, plus Architect and Engineering fees of $500K. This immediately put the project nearly $2 million over the Schools original $5.6 million total budget. The second problem we encountered was that the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Designs were extremely overdesigned, driving up initial costs and ongoing costs to operate.

Bringing Value

H&Y value engineered all aspects of construction, including reducing the overall square footage, decreasing the site work and associated hardscape and landscaping, redesign of the building entry, hiring new electrical and mechanical engineers for the redesign and eventual securing of a used ice making skid from a mall in Texas. This unit was reconditioned and purchased at half the cost of the new equipment originally specified. During this process we relied heavily on John Burley of Everything Ice who was also instrumental in the mechanical and electrical redesign. Everything Ice ultimately sourced the refurbished ice making equipment. John's hands-on approach and unique ability to explain complex mechanical issues in “layman’s terms” allowed us to convince the South Kent School team that we were on the right path.

Aerial View
Ice Arena
Rink Floor Plan
Stockdale Hockey

The changes were made, the systems were redesigned and the pricing was recalculated which culminated in a new number that fit their budget. The new plan had contingencies built and reincorporated a previously removed elevated spectator warming room at one end of the building. The warming room is extremely popular, so it was vital to incorporate it into the new design.

H&Y brought the project back in line within budget and the project was ready for bidding. It
was at this point that South Kent School reached out to ask if H&Y could build the rink. Sincewe were so invested in the project and had gotten it to a point where it could be built within budget, we were confident we could carry out the rest of the project. We accepted the offer and off we went.

H&Y built the project in 8 months, having it ready for the next hockey season. We ended up finishing on time and under budget due to some power company rebates for efficient LED lighting and other high efficiency equipment. The whole process was positive and rewarding for all involved. The rink continues to operate year round with a high-level hockey program.

Square Footage: 32,000 sq ft

Number of Sheets: 1

Amenities: NHL Grade Ice Service, Training Facility, Conference Room, more

Locker Rooms: 4 team + 2 away

Seating: 118 seats and additional viewing areas


The Admiral James and Sybil Stockdale Arena
40 Bulls Bridge Rd
South Kent, CT 06785

South Kent School Arena was a 6 month re-development project at South Kent Private School. This 32,000 square foot single ice rink and performance training facility re-opened in October 2014 and had a capital cost of $5.4 million.