Frog Hill, exterior front winter
Frog Hill, exterior side winter
Frog Hill, interior dining winter
Frog Hill, interior woodwork

Frog Hill - Washington, CT

Category: Residential
Structure(s): Primary
Type: New
Architectural Style: Modern Barn

Architect: Lake Flato Architects of Texas
Photographer: Chris Cooper

Frog Hill is a modern interpretation of existing farm compounds found on a rolling, heavily wooded New England countryside where three generations of the same family share Colonial era houses and farms. The Connecticut retreat, clad with wood from fallen cherry trees, sits upon a beautiful ridge site with sculptural mossy rock outcroppings. Its optimal southeast solar orientation maximizes views of two tranquil valleys. A re-interpreted traditional Texas porch space encased by rolling glass doors tempers varying weather conditions. Concealed during long summers, the porch lets the breeze flow through the space and in winter, encloses around a fireplace that warms this ambient transition between indoors and out.

Frog Hill was awarded LEED for Homes certification and features polished concrete floors and amazing, modern interiors.